Saturday, June 14, 2008

Object Oriented Living Language

****this is not a technical article ****
though it is not a technical article i assume u all know about OOPS concepts a bit.
like inheritance, dynamic linking, base-derived relation.
it doenst matter even if u dont know u can still read this.
so as u know.
CRSBase *base = new CRSDerived;
virtual CRSBase::Display()
{cout<< "In Base";}; CRSDerived::Display() {cout<< "In Derived";};
if u call
base->Display(); output will be "In Derived".......
...this u know..though if not, doesnt matter :)
dont u think we all are derived classes from one parent class CRSHuman (in general CRSAnything)
and all our function Cry(), Sleep(), Work() , Talk(), Love(), Shit() are defined and made virtual in that base class.
so when we born this base class versions we used to call, when caller (nature/god) calls
as we havnt defined our OWN VERSION of this Cry() we all cry more or less similar at the starting.
but as time passes our Artificial intellegent Brain OVERRIDES these functions..
and we start crying differently as time passes...sometimes we even stop ...Cry() {return;}; (:D)
for eg. say base class
wait(8 hours);
we make this simple Sleep() function more complecated we add Dream(), Worry(), Sex() in it ...and make it more complex more specific to our own..
so when at 10Pm " caller" calls Sleep() function of some population
for (int i;i<>LookUp(i,human);
our own specific Sleep() functions are called accordingly..
thats why we sleep differently..more...less...quite...worried...can't..
same is the case with Work()...
everyone has its own overrides ..some call MAN_LAVUN(), TP_KARAT(), BORE_HOT() functions in that Work() function..
u can check with any functions Love(), Shit(), Laugh(), Play()..
so it is as simple as this..

life is nthing but writing our own function !!!!!

so in genaral ....every one was void pointer, u have to type cast it to (name *)...n make it more specific..more unique..more useful..
so make your own function !!!!

(bekkar *)human

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