Saturday, June 14, 2008

Say no to drugs, say yes to Life!!

Scene 1:
early morning time
cam runs thru all home sme fotos of dad,mom, gal..some trophys of gal..books of gal..some cloths on floor..some syrings, coton, match box in a window..and gals is studying ...she is having exam..
after some time while going to bathe..
gal: dad wake up ..its morning..this is my 31st going for bathe (no responce)
5min later dressing up
gal : dad 32nd call... im having maths paper tode dont be late like yestde.. (some chulbul but no responce)
5 min later...applying some medicine on dads sore says ouch..
gal : dad plz wake it paining ? .. (he wakes up..she supports him..)
gal: dad get ready...
dad: im ready my gal..exam tode huh ?? which paper ?
gal: maths..
dad : calci ahe ka ?
gal: not allowed dad..cmon get ready..
they r out for school..
on the way...some dlg about che maths khup pakke aste..some elaboration @that..some funny statments..

and the dad c one guy while going..he feels giddy..not able to control..
dad bike thmabavato..
gal: dad wat happend ?
dad lift magato lokanna..
dad: lift ??
gal: dad wht happend? again ??? plz control having paper..(crying..)

one guy stops..
dad: hey can u plz drop her to nal stop? she is having exam ..n its already late..maths paper..she is v good at trigono..
we are out of petrol..plz do some favour plz drop her.
guy: ok ok..i will .hey get up..dont cry u wont late..
dad: thnaks a lot .. she was 1 st in maths last exam..
bbye gal... all the best...calci ghetales ka ???....luv u..
gal: ......crying...noot ... allowed ...daddy....

nantar ha bike start karato ani parat U turn gheto....
after some traffic..
he is sitting behind some ductbin and taking drugs.....unconscous...

that day night..
gal: dad get up..dinner time..
dad: hey hows was d paper..?
some dialogs....
dad : im back in 10 mins..
gal: dad dont go now..plz till my paper...plz teach me..
dad: ok my gal u here doubt ask me..
she is night..he is teaching her..n then she is off to sleep..
dad wakes up n goes for another dose..
next day same story..or some other..
bottom line is gal knows every thing ..but cant do passed awayn thenhe ios addicted to drugs..
every day same story..
then after some time tyache drugs ghene balavate..
she is in hostel now..
not allowed to meet him..
he is trying.. hard..
sleeping outside of hostel..wishing her all the best.. but not able to control..
some times teaching her maths/science....
ani to sudhrato..

now for this SOMETHING i have 2-3 options..
1. look every child has a feeling to sleep besides his parent on his hand beneath his head supporting him..
pan ethe ya gals chya dad che hand etake sore zalele astat syring ne drugs gheun gheun.. ki tila kadhi dad cha support milatach nahi..
ulat tich dad la support det aste... so some time its is out of control..ani ti he sagale lihun takate kuthetari..
ani tyach syring ne drugs cha dose ghete.. some where in hospital she is struggling for life and his is to get rid of his addiction...
and he chnaged..
after some time..
after rehabitalizing..

he n his gal daughter..
are sleeping in grass ..with bright sun , boolimg wind..and she is sleeping on his forehand ..clamly..safeley....
SAY YES TO LIFE...........

too difficult to shoot..too diff..

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