Monday, June 16, 2008

Tikau Gosht !!

And then my grandson asked me "what is the most memorable birthday gift u got grandma?" holding a brand new PlayStation Portable7.2- birthday gift by his Dad..and i started searching through my memory trunk..searching ..hey got it..on my 50th birthday my daughter gave me one "Thushi"...i always wanted to have one ..but then it became out of fashion so i didnt have one..but she said its now in fashion mom. It was actually in fashion for 50+ ladies..yes then it suited me !!..and who can forget the "diamond studded neckless" ..with a blue diamond in it..that diamond actually not suited in that design but i liked it cuz it my first surprize gift prashant gave to me in those first 5 years..actaully that 'surprize' itself was a 'gift' for me..but then i came to know that it was a gift coupon he got from office..but did it matter? that time it actually didnt !!..but then i lost it somewhere..i just wore it for 4-5 times..then search gave me some old -very old results..some paragraph-full-greetings-cards-with-overflowing-emotions :)..some 'expected' mid night 'surpize' cakes..some dresses..some limited-buget-stuff too many results so far..and then i found one..quite strange one - 'Killa- a fort- दीवालिचा मातीचा कील्ला "..wat a stupid gift ! can anyone ever expect this? असा राग आला होता मला त्याचा ..that was given by Amol- one pimple-faced guy -old frnd - dont know whr he is now..stupid person..i told her..अरे जरा sensible- कामाचे or टिकाऊ gift द्यावे .. wat is this killa n all ?..and his justification was- i was a good trekker- won Enduro- it was for me as a i used to trek a lot these days ..but still wat was that- a stupid-मातीचा कील्ला ?? then he told me his long journey to get this killa even a month after diwali..ya thats good but still ..a stupid मातीचा कील्ला - 2feet-2feet in dimension..he then told me "हे बघ सगलेच ppl काहीतरी gift देतात greeting-statue-book पन किती दीवस टिकातात ते ?? 1month-1 year or at the most 38 months..u know जगातली सलाग्यत टिकाऊ गोष्ट काय

आहे ? lasts till 'U' last..i gave u a 'memory' ..thats it" ...simple answer-stupid gift-hopeless person....and I answered my grandson- "i got a fort -मातीचा कील्ला " ...and i saw a "असा कसा शाक्य आहे ?" kinda भाव on his face.."really Memory is the most टिकाऊ गोष्ट in the world..."

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