Friday, June 13, 2008


i must write why m i writing this much 'write' in one sentence huh ? i hope there will be as much write-ups in this blog too :) . why the hell m i writing actually ? dont know. Do i want to show the world that "Hey You, Look thats wat i think, thats how I really am" cuz thr is no one to listen what i want to speak, wat i feel, wat i think. Its too boring , stupid , waste of time for them. Thank god PCs dont have emotions otherwise they could deny posting my blog here...even processing my keyboard inputs.. too techy.. huh..? okey so question is "why the hell ......?" yes true i want to post my thoughts. thr should be some way to pile up those all,wahtever small, stupid they may be..just-write-it-down.. really im thinking for almost all the time..means i believe everybody does..but something other than what it seems going on in my stupid head.. literally while riding on bike ..some weired thoughts are poping. there are 97.8% chances of meeting an accident while im riding. just m riding physically. im somewhere else actully. most of the thoughts im getting are while riding.. even as i said as i get up thinking something else while clicking snooz button of this upset-minded-ness starts right from morning..till..till i get-up again :).. i even dont spare dreams !! i think while eating, while shitting, while pressing 'think' on keyboard, while shagging.... to be continued

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