Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Last Breaths @ patni (Home Edition)

This is my Last Working Day at Patni mail.....


hey me again this one is fully personalized...what did u think 'that' small mail is enough? no ways guys....etaka bolanara me asa thodkyat nahi janar..and that was too formal mail .that was "Professional Edition"..this one is casual .. only for some closer,chosen ones..thats why this "Home Edition" is . so from whr should i start...???

i dont know.. aparna said in her LWD mail every one hav to come across a "fork"....something like that ...i dont know much about THAT fork.I just know ki "fork" command is used to make child process in unix.. :D more thing about fork SRK had told me thrice.."jindagi me tumhe 2 raste milenge 1 par starting me bahot achcha package, onsite, work environment(specially good gals), milege..aur dusre par jara less package, bahot saara kaam , hardwok milega.......etc etc etc" he must hav told u also....but stilll i dont know on which way im leading. i have to ask SRK @it , will let u know once get this querry resolved.. :D....

hey hey hey enough what to do then.."aap bore to nahi ho rahe na ???" but no escape..u gonna miss maze bore karane so this one is some extra dose..

me too will miss many thing..realy ID 37873 (which is palindrome number), waghmaam , kingbird, ASKA, rupapp,TMSC, scheduler, bugs, timesheet, telecon,WSR, nasu, VnV n build ,and Windows Native and canteen. but apart from all these i gonna miss U all ppl. i gonna miss patil che childhood,tyachi chaal,50+weight . raje chya gappa, kisse, aajarpan, illogical justifications. mahesh

che PJ, tyache porinche kisse, vichitra hair styila,late coming,late siting.manasiD che aagav/khavat mhanane, chidane ani japan chya yerzarya. i gonna miss manasiB chi nonstop badbad, flopsongs chi playlist and maha pakau jokes, varada che "bore hone" ani high pitch sound ani sharvari che complete hand(right from shoulder) tondavar theun hasne n 7 feet height.who will forget jigarbhai's funde? i will miss those. i gonna miss omkar che hairs cha smell ghet long, neverending, confusing, redundent, ambiguious sentence bolane. I strongly believe that thr should be some KANJI for "Omkar". Shipad is like govinda of "sawal dus crore " khud hi joke marata hai khud hi hasta hai...but some of his jokes are really award winning . i gonna miss alibhai's cute, childlike,miscichivious smile. Asawari cha mature look .kritti's "basanti" type eshtyle. Alka's ultrasoft voice(can we use it for Ultra-sound? (huh huh huh ......) ).SwatiG's half cup tea. shantanu's "basically".sucheta che 'wah' karun smile .and yogesh san? his whole 5feet body is dedicated to windows native. i think he is very much involved in native emotionally . because of yogesh-neelam san onsite stay was much 'homely'(is it a word ? if not plz add it) who gonna give me review comments more lenghty than the task itself. will miss 'technoman' vaibhav. shriram karwa's blindly forwarded mail with his expert opinion(too cute/good/chill). poonam's dedication towards scheduler and her mail-o-holic-ness-pana. Will miss Swatik’s “pisalya”.

enough ??? "aap bore to nahi ho rahe ho" but still no escape..u gonna ...................................

Company is not only its turnover, its client/projects, its building, its market value. Company is not only compensation, client interaction or platform/domain. It is not about company policies, facilities. It is not about having 1 PCO in 234 employees. Rather Company means its people, colleagues, friends (I think that’s why it is called as ‘company’?).

so everything will be same except......... u wont see my name in Timesheet defaulter's list, Contact.xls, no file will be checkout by 'amolwagh' mails TO/FROM koni satat tumchi khechanara nasel.... nothing like "this is WXYZ for....." in WSR.

guys some things i want to tell you before going.....printer server is changed to \\hdcprsrv and LHS printer means left side printer while going "out", do make simset ON after systune, "varachya dll/lib replace kara", for most of the aska troubleshooting restart the ASKA, first StartFSYS n then StartComBox.... ohh me gelyavar kase honar ahe yaar :D

so now time for some funde/filosofical advice..

Plz dont devide ur life into developement week and testing week, swipe in and swipe out.. thr is more to life than this. but Thanks for making my developement and testing weeks memorable and time betwn swipe in and out enjoyable. those 8-10 hrs wr really very good hrs of my day. i was lovin it. kadhi kadhi companit ale nahi ki bore vhayache.. aso

we will surely meet....somewhre in theatre, shopping mall, on road, in hotel/restaurant/bar/temple/park, possibly somewhr in the loo or some compani's walk-in drives. possibly in some marrige/engagement/ maternity home/hospital. but we will meet..

now enough....

if u have any querries regarding this mail or didnt understand some jokes/statements plz let me know my mail address is
(hey sorry for any comments hard feelings)
All the besht guys khup study kara ani khup mothe vha..

See you soon.

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