Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is Technicolor !

Then i had a thought why do i watch so many movies..?? now a days almost every alernate day..why ?? why do i take a cd per day trying to finish that cd-store-waal's catlogs one bye one...?why do i awake till 1-2 or even 3AM at night.making my whole day sleepy..? why do i lock myself in my room and start my PC just 23 mins after i come home ..Hiding from my friends..not hanging around palya's room ..not going for unnessesory dinners with anyone available.not even watching IPL..what made me like this..i dont know exactly.. but one thing i surely no like the theatre when the very first sound of movie i heard ..angavar kate yetat..sagala ang shaharata..darveli॥even i like to saw the very first scene..when "Dremaworks" चा boy त्याच्या fishing rod पाण्यात टाकतो or warner brothers chi yellow vasti or new Line cinema chya Shidya...i like to c them all..the very first scene to credits..all cast-supporting cast..even Till "Dolby Digital-DTS sound"..i like to watch evry thr anything "watching between the scenes ?" i feel everything..i feel evry breath of each character..i dont know..wat it makes ..but i like to live like characters in reel life ..i am searching them too in real life.. afterall movies are inspired from life ..i still think life is far more better movie than nething .quite lenghty and somewat boring but if u c it with fast forward it actually the question is why?? why Do i watch so many movies..Do u know when no one speak with u with all ther heart..when no one listen to u with ease..the only sahara is movie..i feel thr emotions and sometimes they do feel mine..many of them are rainbow for me like Irfan khan in Rog..they taught me how to live, how to made me watsofar im rt now.good/bad/black-n-white/technicolor ..they made me....

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