Friday, September 5, 2008

Propose # 2 & # 3

#2 : In Gents Loo :) . She is proposing him in gents toilet/loo ..... he is too embarrassed other guys having weird look trying to zip their pants in hurry. she is calm n confident... (inspired by jaane tu ya jane na :))
#3 : "tum ho to" - Rock On- "jindagieeeiieeeii" very difficult to sing...he is trying it for 100 times..very bad voice...likr palya singing "Diwanaa" donno abt sur/taal anything .. trying, trying at different locations, times....finally tying a lot..he sings all of a sudden for her in public.. donno the location... then singing the this "jindagi" alap..he is in top of his voice..breathless at that point..and she him time to take a breath and again continue his alap... :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Apache membership needed !

i know that apache-वाले पाल्या नसेल तर भाव पण देत नाहीत ...पाल्या होता , regular customer, भरपूर bill अणि बरोबर आम्ही - म्हणुन जरा भाव होता ...पण आता नाहीये .... same झालं आज ...चेत्या कड़े गेलो होतो shaggy चे parcel घ्यायला ...flat वर चेतन , रोहन अणि रणजीत होता ... चेत्या काही लई गांड - दोस्त etc नही so सुट्टी नही का ? company कशी चालू आहे ? असे 3 question-answers झाले , रोहन्या शी पण माझा बोलण नाहीये जास्ती , accident बद्दल 2 questions only , रणजीतला - खेलायला गेलेला का ? बास .... रोहन्या गेला आत parcel आणायला ...3 min full शांतता ... असं वाटला कोणीतरी cable चा bill मागायला आलायं /दब्बेवाला डब्बे घ्यायला आलायं अणि वाट बघतोय बाहेर . रणजीत पण काही बोलला नाही ... मी खुप अवघडून गेलो .... मग समजला apache चा rule इथे पण लागतो . पाल्या होता म्हणुन ते होते .direct मी tyancha frnd navhato ... जरा उशिरा समजलं पण बरं झालं समजलं. Shaggy होता palya होता म्हणुन D9 होतं ... suya पण होता चांगला ... मिथुन कधी माणसात नव्हता ... some lines r deleted :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 Player

Its really amazing to see how we grow up, from a little innocent kid to a full grown Man.
At Age 5+ : She was playing a game on net. Some race game with cartoon characters, a three player game. She first chose 'Miss Kitty' as herself, her favorite character. She tried but being new to game and PC, she lost, she came third. 'Bad Monkey' came first and another toon came second. She came third. she felt so bad bcoz 'Miss Kitty' lost the game. But she got an idea. Second time she chose 'Bad Monkey ' as herself and played. Intentionally playing very slow 'Bad Monkey' Lost .She lost but 'Miss Kitty' won the game. She was very happy bcoz 'Miss Kitty' won , though she lost the game.

At Age 10+ : आम्ही गल्लीत 3 पोरं होतो . Friends पण म्हणता येईल. एकदा दहिहंदी करायचं ठरलं . So आम्ही 1 दोरी घेतली अणि stool वर चढून around 7-8 फूट्वर दहिहंदी बांधली . सोपी होती फोडायला जास्ती उंच नव्हती . Just दोन पोरं खाली अणि 3rd ला त्यांच्या खांद्यावर चढून फोड़ता आली असती But the question was who will be the winner? who will be the Krushna ? कोण बनेल कृष्ण अणि हंडी फोडणार Every one wanted to be the winner... so number काढले as batting order in cricket . i came last. So मला वाईट वाटला की जर आधीच कोणी हंडी फोडली तर मला नाही मिळणार फोडायला. but मी जरा मोठा होतो त्यावेळी so मी 1 idea केली . जो पहीला वर चढला त्याला उगाच काहीतरी कारण काढून पाडले , first पोराचा chance गेला दूसरा चढला तो पण खाली पडला ...thanks to my trick॥yup my chance and no one knew the trick..and i became the Krushna, the winner... i was very happy ..

At Age 24+: Now here i am..comparing the two scenes.. who is correct ? who is more human ? who is qualified to live in this rat race ? Who is fittest to live... but this time i dont want to be the winner ..