Friday, September 5, 2008

Propose # 2 & # 3

#2 : In Gents Loo :) . She is proposing him in gents toilet/loo ..... he is too embarrassed other guys having weird look trying to zip their pants in hurry. she is calm n confident... (inspired by jaane tu ya jane na :))
#3 : "tum ho to" - Rock On- "jindagieeeiieeeii" very difficult to sing...he is trying it for 100 times..very bad voice...likr palya singing "Diwanaa" donno abt sur/taal anything .. trying, trying at different locations, times....finally tying a lot..he sings all of a sudden for her in public.. donno the location... then singing the this "jindagi" alap..he is in top of his voice..breathless at that point..and she him time to take a breath and again continue his alap... :)

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Anonymous said...

and then all crowd joins.. ye jindagiii-eeee..eee..e :D