Monday, October 20, 2008


       Once upon a time there was film, a short film.. incomplete one..i decided the name of the movie as its duration..means if its duration is 2:01 min then its name wld be 2:01.. :) ..dont let reader/viewer presume what they gonna read/watch.. first movie is special indeed..though its incomplete..far away from completion...i liked the title and idea behind it very much....i thought its genuin idea..
       "1.36" is the song by coldplay (yes coldplay again..) same thought behind the name of song..The song used to be 1 minute and 36 seconds long so they named it after that. But then they changed the song a bit and it got longer but they decided to keep the name of the song because it sounded cool ..
some words - 
........ How soon is now? yeah
How long is never? .............
so the thing is....nothing .... just a co-incidence :)

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