Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We have already missed the deadline. Its been a week gone after the release of "Golmaal Returns".. and we missed to watch in order to complete the task, though lately, we rushed to the theater to watch the movie..its around 3 PM and the mobile from CFTI "tommorow’s class is cancelled"... the thing came into my mind just within 2.1 sec was...LETS GO TO SANDHAN..i didnt know how ? i didnt know wat time i wld reach thr ?..i just wanted to go at that very momemt..I wanted to live on that Impulse...always wanted to live on "impulse" rather than just on "pulse"....

Place : Shastri road.

3:10 : rejected the thought of going by bus.

3:15 : called sankya for bike...waste

3:17: asked nachiket for bike...waste

then after 3 min of brainstorming abt calling gunavant ..we finally decided to call him up..called him ..yup !! he said OKEY..wat a help..the good thing is even nikhil didnt hesitate to come..he is not a trekker, he is not impulsive like me, he didnt want to be a rider for such a long journey..still he said yes...Thanks Nikhalya !! went to his home..

Place : Sahakar Nagar Time around 3:45

In 10 mins he is back with his stuff..jerkin and some cloths..then back to my home..

Place : Kothrud..Time around 4:10..

lied ..for parents we r going to torana for trek..they wld allow me in necase..but dont want to give them tension lied..

packed a small bag..took helmet..took handicam..but no use..very less battery...

Place : Sangavi Time : around 4:30

got the bike..pulsar 180... petrol n atm..around 4:45

then i started thinking abt “things to carry” :D .. got One LIGHTS packet and a case we need to make some fire at night ..thats all..we just had a misal in the afternoon..

ther we go..started...

Place : Nashik fata Time : 5 PM..

then i started thinking abt the reasons ..why did i take this decision ? ..

riding n thinking are paralally running processes for me….. always..

Reasons :

1. Live on impulse..impulse told me "go-be there"

2. Sandhan - most peaceful place on earth ... लई शांत जागा आहे .. एकदम Peace

3. some ppl think that - me always काही LAME, न पट नारी reasons देऊन trek ला येत नाही ...i wanted to prove them wrong...i always want to come..but trek is not everything for me..its just a small part of my interests..

4. i wanted to c the expressions on the faces..when they c me at sandhan !! i want to catch that “moment of surprize” !!

5. "Be Unpredictable" 16 character (including space) गुरुमंत्र !!

6. There is lil bit of Alex in every one of us :) i have some more similarity with wanted to be “rubber-tramp” ..those who dont know Alex..can skip this..those who watched "Into the wild" but still didnt remember Alex..skip the whole post..u dont deserve this.

7. to check my limits ...450 Km drive...driving for 100% of the time+ small trek ... m stretching my body to limits.. and no pain on monde..its like nothing has happned..Good sign :)

8. We dont want to spend another boring weekend...waiting for the time to pass nehow... choosing movie to watch depending upon the duration of movie..dont wanna do that ..

9. After doing so many decisions against my will, acting practically..this time wanted to listen to heart…

I think even u didn’t have so many reasons to go to sandhan !! so my decision is justified..

Road was nice, bike was amazing, atmos was gorgeous, n the company was equally mental and stupid like jorney was लई भारी...सगला road पाठ होता... reached संगमनेर... had some drink ..1 by 2 beer pint..consecutive 5th weekend..have to control this.. but felt relaxed a bit..

Nagar,Its like my माहेर, Our माहेर ..reached Akole around 9:15.. we have decided to ride further till sandhan in the night only. but then some pan-tapari wala scared us.. decided to stay thr in akola.. booked a lodge..small drink and chiken dry ..खुप कमी घेतली but good thing is didnt smoke..not a single कश् (kashque)! Good Sign :) .. still have control..i can control..this is also some type of checking my control J.. "Home minister" ची वाट पाहत झोपून गेलो ..but every hour ला उठत होतो .. गाड़ी जागेवर आहे का नाही बघन्य साठी i still dont have belief in people..City मधली सवय जात नाही ...woke up early in the morning around 5:30..

6:10 ready for tea..6:10 वाजता त्या दुकानातली बाई sewing machine वर blouse शिवत होती .. :) deadline इथे पण असते ejj hard !..प्रचंड थंडी होती ..हात अगदी अखडून गेलेले पण still stretched...प्रचंड PJ चालू होते ..माहेराची songs म्हणत होतो "माझ्या गोव्याच्या भूमित ..." etc.. marathi serial वर गप्पा मारत होतो ॥and what not॥reading each n every board…फुल संसारी गप्पा चालू होत्या ...We both r the most संसारी ppl on earth....n we hav accepted that...have to accept that..

Its like every turn is familier to me..i could recall every turn, every tree. so memory collect करत वेळ कसा गेला समजलं नाही many memories..hey this is the randha fall ! first time randha उतरताना कशी फाटली होती ! feeling of being just below randha fall ,thanks to vickya that time! hey dont miss this turn or u will reach bhandardara gaon not shendi...hey this is the turn for ratangad, this is chauki whr we lied for the number of ppl, 25 rs toll is still pending with us..that amazing group foto while walking on the ratangad road..this is the school whr we stayed at night..n this is the tree whr we shit ..the village rooftops i always like, garden near to the umbrell fall, this is the farm where we danced, cant write all memories.. been here for 4-5 times..its truely MAHER for me.. was telling this to nikhil..he staretd liking this all...

And then we turned for ghatghar !! just remembered॥my last visit to sandhan।. i was all alone for that trek॥still i have done that॥same jerkin with hood on..i was sitting besides driver as i knew no-one..and then that amzing platue ..backwaters of dam.. first time i was seeing the Blue water of lake..just like the water at palolum Blue like i have used filter for camera..and faint blue sky reflecting in water..amazing combination..Blue water, faint blue skies, yellow ground...some green lupms scattred..left side "karavatine koralya sarakhe" kalasubai,alang , kulang....

when i saw the song for the first time in theatre at that very moment i came to know the location..its the way to sandhan...and then that Samrad colony...been here for only 1 time before..still can remember this..then came the samrad village...asked for the tavera...found the house..they told me all visitors are having fun in the waters..ran ther..could hear ur voices..and saw u all having fun in the waters..somewhat dissappointed as i could not c your faces even with maximum zoom...just jumped into it...its 1346 times much relaxing than pint of beer... amazing...एक सनक गेली अंगातून जसा पानी touch केला तशी ..एकदम refresh झालो .. n then had fun in the water..after some chats n snaps n introductory sessions..had breakfast.. not in mood to crack jokes..just want to go to sandhan !!tired of being funny all the time.

And then time came...Sandhan !! unwordly, peace ,content काय असते तर हेच ...then those familier rocks wr inviting me... पाण्याचा मस्त आवाज येत होता ...सगला शांत ...once i crossed this valley all alone..n this time am not but still can feel the same.. crossed the water with jeans covering my head, shoes around my neck, camera in my hand..chillest water...had some gr8 snaps ....thanks manasi for camera. i could not believe that i have rappled down from here... so huge, so amazing, so peaceful.. while returning back shared some ideas of making movie here...some shots at least ..if not a good movie then at least some porn..wildest fantasies..वेळ - काळ काही कळत नाही यांना …wanted to have a nap thr...on those cold rocks...listening to the music of water..another nice place to sleep..came back had a wonderful lunch.. i was in different mood..

visited Ratangad..that hanuman mandir has changed a lot..once we lived thr..again memories..then some bad road.. each meter ला tyre puncture होऊ नये अशी pray करत होतो .

येतानाची journey खुप machanical होती ..after 3-4 hrs..i stated hating country-side roads..अरे किती turns ? काही हिशेब ? आलं मनात की turn करा रस्ता. first time i hated the vilage roads. कळत नाही असं का झालं ..कदाचित अति झालं म्हणुन l..sorry village roads !! then some bore journey but a gr8 sunset ...

near rajguru nagar ..i could not sense nething..means hand, legs, bums che sensationsch गायब झालं होतं ...m just driving like machine..reached home..had dinner..checked mails :D... n went to sleep... खुप दमलो होतो ..पण body ने खुप साथ दिली ..i can stretch much more than this..not just another weekend….450 km in 30 hrs....15KMPH..not a bad avarage...

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