Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Different" title सुचत नाहीये या post ला !!!!

Different , A-Typical, uncommon बनण्याच्या नादात खुप एकटा पडलोय .everyone is same here, just another bricks ... they can feel each other, they can understand each other... they have common definitions of love, hate, sex, friendship, freedom....same "famous choices" of books, movies , songs, cloths !! typical, conventional behavior with people... fixed formulas for relations...everyone is wearing same mask... no one can understand what i feel, what i believe, what i choices, emotions, thoughts are beliefs are different..i am feeling like "डॉन" from "यात्रिक " by GA..----
......आता सांग तुझे जहाज खरे की माझा मानुस खरा ??...........म्हणजे तुज्या बाजूने ५० मानसं आहेत म्हणुन तुझे म्हनने बरोबर ??......त्याच्या स्वप्नात अणि माझ्या स्वप्नात काय फरक आहे ??? ......... ----------
when i can understand them ...shouldnt i expect the same ? at least to some extent ? stopped expecting actually but still cant i expect 1% atleast. i am feeling like बिचारा local कवि ...कविता विकत हिंड नारा ... i dont want to sell my emotions who dont care about it ...its better to be alone , ununderstood than to wear the same mask.....
पण ....कदाचित तू असतीस तर मला काही वाईट नसतं वाटलं typical होन्याच ... with u being typical , common पण मंजूर होतं मला ."bareh tu Hazar Dafa !!- For you, a thousand times over"....पण .... :(
And I don´t want the world to see me
´Cause I don´t think that they´d understand
When everything´s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am ............IRIS by Goo Goo Dolls.
some years back watched the movie called "Missed call" that time felt like stupid movie.. this time am getting the feel of that movie....only two possible ways either i am completely psycho or extraordinary !!!


Anonymous said...

U jst want to be different, unique, out of this world coz.... u need somebody to admire u or atleast u yourself wants be a fan of yourself.....
But to be happy with yourself why do u alwayz need to be out of this word?

sagar said...

thanks for spending some time here - @ 1min reading + 1.7 mins commenting + dont know the time for thinking..really...1 st reason is quite rt but understand is better word than admire here ! Thanks again !

aimless wanderer said...

Gud,I still couldn't make out sense out of Missed Call..what about 15 Park Avenue? :)ka tevdha pan nai ajun?