Sunday, December 7, 2008

C for Clown !!

लिहायलाच हवं यावर .... standing ovation देऊन खाली बसलो आनी असं वाटलं लगेच येवून सांगावं तुला- ब्लॉग ला, लगेच लिहून काढावं ...बरय लोकां च्या पेक्षा मला तुज्याशी बोलायला जास्ती आवडतं यात मी तुज्या शी जास्त attach झालोय or लोकां पासून detach झालोय यापैकी काय meaning होतो ? असो याबद्दल पुन्हा कधीतरी ॥so .. मी कधी नाटकाला standing ovation बघितले नव्हते, एइकले नव्हते , but first time i am doing this.. i am so lucky that i was part of the audience... नाटक हवं तर असं ... ४ +१ clowns मस्ती on stage..each n every act was amazing, interesting, very well executed and what not.. complete use of space...even 1 clown is coming from audience all of a sudden.. नेपथ्थ्य is like we are watching a circus..they are using stage, the wings, even some place of audience space... its interactive..using audience as fun to watch..very well woven actions-reactions... and dialogs ?? hey, they are using english withouts verbs and one new language -Gibbrish.. its completely "Theater beyond words" .. i don't like charlie like acts...really ..means im not a fan of Charlie..but here they have created magic... no overacting..and events are so fast and apt that when the play ended, clock is showing show time as 1hr and 45 min..its amazingly fascinating 2 hrs of mine..not for a single moment i was looking other than the play..isn't it a sucess of play..and the way they told the story is awsome..what a simple scenes..their interview with a new girl clown..their first performance with that rubberband/elastic rope..reaction on reviews of critics.. their explainations of "wat is clown?".. scene at the time of dinner...their performances first and last..and last scene...everything is still lingering in my mind ...energetic show overall.. nice set, complete mess of things on floor...hey i cant write it all... i wish sometime i wld have some recording of that..or again want to experience the same......i never saw any drama so far on big balgandharva/YC natyagruha.. all मराठी famous नाटकं are fucking verbose, dialogbaji नुस्ती। i hated नाटकं because of thanks to अमोल पालेकर फॉर showing me "Theater Beyond Words" of रतन थिय्याम , वीनापानी चावला , रजत कपूर ... i owe u all.. starting लाच अशी चव लागली की quality नाटकं बघायला मजा येइल। n now im lovin it ..
P.S. did i mention the play is directed by Rajat Kapoor and out of 5 clowns 2 are Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey ? ...on stage performing live.. :)

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