Monday, March 9, 2009

now some Holy Shit !

सुख अन् दुःख are not complements of each’s not like ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’...both light and darkness can’t exist at the same time at the same place. They are complements of each other. One's absence is presence of another or one's presence is possible due to absence of other. But for सुख अन् दुःख - they co-exists... they exists at same place at same time. u have to accept that both gonna present at the same time.. असं कधीच होणार नाही की there is all happiness and no pain at all.... it’s another thing that sometimes in happiness we forget that there is pain and lose hope for happiness in times of pain..but both of them do exist...

so when u accept that there gonna be sadness, tensions, injury, illness, death,etc...It just becomes part of ur everyday activity ... n that is called विरक्ति i guess ...

So no need to go that deep. It’s always good to know that there is happiness somewhere in times of pain. We just need to find it out or just need to look our eyes wide open to see it. It’s better than closing your eye with pain. But other way is also true. Don’t get carried away with all the happiness around that u can’t see the sadness crawling in your loved one's lives.

ohh atlast some optimism in last paragraph..after so much pressimist-shit present in all the posts....i think that's why they call it "Holy (but) Shit" !

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