Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crash Course

मौली गांगुली सांगते अजय देवगनला "आज 2 बाते सिखाई १ दिन में 1 : रोते समय shower ON करना और नींद की गोली हमेशा साथ रखना"

some more tips from my side now ..doing 15 days of "crash course" so just sharing some tips :

Day 1: Cigs make it very easy to delete "hard to delete sms". Its really very easy to push delete with our left hand's fingers when stick is burning in your right hand. even कृष्णाला पण आपली "बासरी" right हातात असताना राधेचे sms delete करनं सोपं झालं असेल. म्हनुनच ciggy ला लाडाने बासरी पण म्हणतात.

Day2: Never read the sms that u want to delete.just (Step 1) select the person specific sms -> (Step 2) one click "option" -> (Step 3) another click "delete" as simple as this.. but never read that msg again. if u spen time reading the msg in Step 1 u will never go to Step 2. basic fones really help here -low memory, less steps to delete.lesser the step easier the deletion.. And yes one more thing. Dony try to delete fone numebr. It wont help. U will never forget it.

Day3: "Music is in air" and "Smoke is in air"... is it just a similarity ?? it is the best combination in the world. They together make such a amazing "duet".

Day 4: its very good habit to brush your teeth twice, in my case before sleep. Even after Giving up, continue with this habit.but do remember to brush ur lips too. They are prone to become black. Brush your teeth as many time as u can but do remember to jave a good hand/finger on ur lips too. Remember thr is no one to clean ur lips :)

Day5: "Pressure" येण is not a myth. It is fact! i never believed in it but i agree...

Day 6: smoke after u r DONE. Another best combination, but not together. follow the chronology. DO IT first and then light it. jus amazing..

Day 7: देवघरातली काडेपेटी परत देवघरात ठेवा. Terrace मधे काडेपेटी could cause many questions. लोकांना शक नाही येत. better keep it where it was before.

To Be Continue..........

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